Question #11

Why Do People Commit Suicide ?


In response to extreme emotional pain, and suicidal thoughts and feelings due to various brain chemistry deficiencies and/or disorders.

Prolonged life circumstances of extreme stress, emotional upset, abuse, poverty, terrible living conditions, neglect, poor health, injury, disability - especially with no apparent hope of change or improvement can and do precipitate depression and suicidal thoughts for some.

What is not commonly known is that

Suicidal thoughts are an involuntary affliction !  We don't choose to think them.  Suicidal thoughts just enter, they just come into your mind on their own.

And they don't just sit idly by...
Suicidal thoughts are VERY ACTIVE and have tremendous emotional power !
They push you, urge you, compel you towards suicide.
At times, I felt it almost as an entity darkly drawing me into the dark universe, an eternal vacuum of death
...a wrenching, twisting, turning emotional agony.

The bottom line is that...

Untreated Depression !!

is a major cause of suicide.

  • unrecognized
  • undiagnosed
  • untreated
  • no treatment
  • unsuccessful treatment
  • relapse


Although life circumstances
can and do precipitate suicide,

a person with a healthy brain chemistry
is not even going to think of suicide.

See my "Self-Help" Manual to find out how I improve
my brain chemistry to treat my own depression.



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