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  • Links are greatly appreciated where ever my sites may be helpful to viewers.

  • Of course linking to home pages is good, but feel free to link to any of my pages that may be appropriate to your site.

  • Let me know you are linking
    & maybe I can link back.

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I link almost exclusively to
Depression or Related Sites Only

If I know about your site, and

  • Find it appropriate
  • Find the right spot
  • Find the time !

Then I will be happy to link back.

  • Also, I do link to many sites who don't link back to me. I think it's that way for any site.

  • I am having trouble keeping up with my DepressionLinks site, and have begun adding more links to specific pages.
  • If you want to help me find a good spot for your link, I might be able to add it sooner.
  • Be sure to check my Bookstore - I am looking for appropriate links at the bottom of the pages. For an example, see these sections: Men or Postpartum Depression

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